4 ways your cell phone can make you a better business person

Do you have a phone? Are you a hard worker? Would you like to get a personal assistant for free?

If your answer to those any of these three questions is “yes”, then this you may be surprised to learn of ways that your phone can help you make your goals.

Nowadays, phones, and more specifically –smartphones- have a very important place in our daily lives. We use them at work, during lunch, and even sometimes while in the bathroom to pass the time.

Here are 5 ways you can use your phones to become better at business:

  1. Stop wasting time on emails


As a busy business man or woman, you probably receive tons of emails, most of which are not particularly interesting or relevant. Email has become so prevalent and simple to use that your inbox can very quickly be overtaken with Sammy and mundane messages. This can be particularly difficult for business people who are corresponding with many people .  Apps such as MailWise work as your personal help to highlight which email messages must attention and will help you divide your work and your day properly.

Mailwise can help improve how you use email through features such as Email management, allowing access to all the conversations, regrouping all email accounts, allowing you to easily find the mails by keywords, and managing / searching contacts.

  1. Let your phone be your personal assistant


Through phones, you can manage your life. Indeed, your phone is not only useful to make phone calls, it has become a more functional device that will help you to be on time at work (through the alarm clock option), remember your appointments (through the calendar) and to look more serious at work (it always looks cool to have your phone on the desk, let’s all admit it!) Thanks to phones, you can from now on get a free (virtual) personal assistant. The only thing that you have to do is letting your apps such as 24me to manage your schedule and help make sure you never miss an important meeting or event.

  1. Your new anthem should be: “Time Is Money”


The more you save time, the more you save money. That’s why you need to find a way to be very organized: you need to manage every contact of yours, remember when your meetings are and above all, you need to correspond freely with your co-workers. The app Quip can help you to collaborate with co-workers on documents, spreadsheets and checklists to maximize your efficiency at work.

  1. Let your phone distress you.


It is easy to be submerged in the seemingly never-ending stresses of your job. If this happens to you, you should let your phone take care of everything for you and moreover, you should let it distress you. To do so, you could use an app such as MindMeister that will help to clear your mind via mind mapping (a technique that will create visuals of your internal ideas and concerns). Reducing the stress in your life will clear your mind to focus on more pressing business matters, and to transform a bad and busy day to a productive one.

 Phones have become crucial devices in business people lives, and using our tips can make sure you make the most of your phone.

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