Augmented Reality at a glimpse – An Infographic

                  Augmented reality, rated as one of the most promising technological breakthroughs, has founds its usage across sectors. While some marketers are using it as gimmick, others are making some real sales conversions with it. A technology which has found its fans in many countries has wide-spread current usage and enormous future potential. Early adopters of augmented reality are aware that it knows no boundaries and it can be explored to make applications that can even map the human mind. For the new age marketers, Active Media Innovations, one of the pioneers in this technology has made a humble attempt to answer what, why, where and how of augmented reality through this infographics. Click here to know more.

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Augmented Reality at a glimpse


Google’s Nexus 6 made by Motorola supports faster charging and other also following the same suit

Multi USB charger

         A part from large display and powerful hardware specs, the latest Google’s Nexus 6 made by Motorola also support faster charging with high capacity chargers. It is a vital feature for those who use their Smartphones all day long and always worried about the quick battery drainage problem. It means with faster charging support a user can charge Nexus 6 in less than two hours. Not only Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6/6Plus, iPad Air 2 and among the latest devices have the ability to support faster charging with a multiple USB Charger.

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